Opening hours
The Holmön boat museum is open during the summer.

Weekday 9-17
Saturday 10-17
Sunday 11-17

General information:
The Holmön boat museum has several exhibits including the tools used by smallholders, fishermen, seal hunters and boat builders. The island’s traditional types of boats are also on display here, beside temporary exhibitions with local interest during the summer. Close to the museum are also restaurants and cycles for hire.

Visit Holmön boat museum and ride a bike down the winding village road, through the big Holmö Nature reserve famous for it’s many birds, elks and but a single bear.

Tel. +46 (0)90 55 220 (summer) or +46 (0)90 13 11 28 (winter).

How to enter the island
A ferry takes you free of charge from Norrfjärden, about 30 km north of Umeå to the islands. You get to Norrfjärden by car, bike, bus or taxi from Umeå.

Current timetable can be downloaded HERE

You can spend the night at one of two hostels here. Or enter the Holmöslupen (»The sloop of Holmön«), a newly built replica of a nineteenth-century trading sloop, going either under sail or by engine, for an exciting trip to the lighthouse-keeper’s cottages at Stora Fjäderägg (»Great Feather-egg«), where you’ll find a bird conservation centre as well as a youth hostel.

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